C o n c e p t J I    by    JI YOUNG SHON

JI YOUNG SHON is a Korean artist-designer who are working as a Art Director / Designer of Studio JI.
She graduated in MA Design Products, Royal College of Art in LONDON.

Initially she came from totally different and various back grounds such as scientist, engineer,
musician, and marketer.

She got BSc and BEng about physics and Computer Information and Electronic Engeneering and
worked in molecular biology lab of National Institute of Agricultural Science and Techonology
as an intern biologist who had a passion about DNA/bio-science as well as worked in
Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science as an intern physicist who loves
quantum mechanics and especially had huge interests about sound and visual wave.

And also, she loved to create ideas like making concepts, strategy... so she could do advertisement/PR projects
in Cheil Communication which is no 1. advertisement company in Korea, and did market/trend research
and new product making projects in Lotte Confectionary which is most loved Confectionary company in Korea
as a project member. She did several concerts as a lead vocal and rapper during that period as well.

After that, she entered into SAMSUNG ELCTRONICS Co,. Ltd and worked as a
Product manager/planner who are in charge of operating whole process of project -from market/user research to
concept/function making, line-up set up, designing, developing, manufacturing, sales, promotion- for several years.
She had covered Korean, Chinese(including Hongkong, Taiwan), SouthEast Asian, Latin American market.

She has been trying to adopt all those various methods - natural science, applied science, music, advertisement,
marketing etc.- to communicate with people and find most affective way to do it.
Because she believes everything is based on same bottom line.
What she strongly belives is, they are basically same but just diffent in the way of expression.

From whole those experiences she got an idea,
Art and Design will be the best and most powerful way to communicate with and affect people.

So she turned her way to London to study more about design and Art.
And now she is doing lots of experiments and trialsˇ¦

She aims to make something artistic which could touch human emotion and senses
but still practical enough to be used in real life not only for art scene but also for market based projects as well.

*All projects in this site are not just concept. They are 'working' beautifully!!

Customer/market based products/projects are not uploaded on this website. Contact us if you need more information.